Case clause syntax in MySQL or MariaDB

Example of CASE syntax in MySQL or MariaDB

CASE Statement is like the match condition and returns the value in the Select statement. Once the value matches it will return the value otherwise ELSE value return.


CASE match_value
    WHEN match_value1 THEN statement1
    WHEN match_value2 THEN statement2
    ELSE statement_list


    WHEN condition1 THEN statement1
    WHEN condition2 THEN statement2
    ELSE statement3 

Example of using CASE statement in MySQL Database:

MariaDB [classicmodels]> 
case when IFNULL(state,'')='' then country 
else state 
end as 'State',
country from offices;

| State      | country   |
| CA         | USA       |
| MA         | USA       |
| NY         | USA       |
| France     | France    |
| Chiyoda-Ku | Japan     |
| Australia  | Australia |
| UK         | UK        |

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