Create Linked Server in SQL Server with MariaDB

  1. Create the ODBC connection on the Windows platform with MariaDB.

Open the ODBC window by typing in the Search box, then Go to the tab SYSTEM DNS –> Add new connection –> Test after put Username and password and IP address and port number for ODBC connection.

2. Open the SQL Management Studio, Go to the Server Objects –> Linked Servers (Right click to add new linked Server)

3. Give the name to Linked Server and select the ODBC connection and put the DNS name in the Data Source text field created in Window ODBC in step 1.

4. Go to the Security section. Select the last radio button as shown in below image and type username and password for MariaDB connection. Press OK

5. Mariadblinked linked server is created as shown in SSMS:

6. Go to the setting in Linked Servers –> go to Providers —> Right click on MSDASQL and open

7. Check for these three options should be checked
Dynamic Parameter
Level zero only
Allow inprocess

8. Access the MariaDB through linked Server with the following command from SSMS:

select * from MARIADBLINKED...[classicmodels.customers]


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