Add a new column after or before a specific column in SQL Server

Add a new column at a specific position column in MS SQL Server

There is no ALTER command or SQL query for adding a column after a particular column or position in SQL Server. You can do this with the help of SQL Server Management Studio.

Follow the following steps to add a new column at a particular position:


2. Connect the Database and go to the TOOLS –> Select Options.

3. On Left Panel, Expand the DESIGNER and select the TABLE AND DATABASE DESIGNERS. Now on Right Panel uncheck the option PREVENT SAVING CHANGES THAT REQUIRE TABLE RE-CREATION and click OK.

4. Go to the object explorer, and select the table on which we need to add a new column at a particular position.

5. Right-click where you want to insert the new column.

6. Added column in the table as shown below and save with CTRL+S key.

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