Download Oracle Software from edelivery Oracle Cloud

Download old Oracle database software from Edelivery Oracle Cloud

Some software are directly not available to download from Oracle Direct site. It pass its support and but sometime we need to download these software for some R&D purpose. These software are avaiable in Edelivery portal :

I need to download the Oracle version which is not available directly now because latest Oracle Database version is available for download. So i need to login with edelivery portal for download.

Following are the steps for download the Oracle 12c database version for reference:

  1. Open the URL:

2 Sign in with already as account otherwise create new account its free to access

3 After sign in, you will see the below page: Type which software you need in search box like Oracle Database 12c and click on it.

4. The software added in CART as you see in right corner of the window. Press continue

5. Select the component you need to download and press Continue.

6. Read the oracle standards and terms Restrictions then accept according to your need.

7, It will take to you download pages as shown below Press download for download the software it will first download the download manager then start download of software with download manager.

8. Open the Download manager it will automatic start the software download which you selected

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