Trace the failed Queries in SQL profiler for MSSQL Server

Check procedure and Queries in SQL Profiler for MSSQL Server

  1. Open the SQL Server Profiler direct OR Open from SQL Management Studio —> Go to tool –> Select SQL Server Profiler.
  2. Connect with the Server on which you want to connect for tracing with Servername, username and password.
  3. Open a Trace Properties window –> General tab, for Use the template field select Standard.( Default)
  4. Check on the file or table option on which your data saved as trace. I click on Save to file option and choose the location from browser button as shown below:

5. Go to the Events Selections tab. Check on Show all Events.

6. Expand the Errors and Warnings event category and select : Exception and User Error Message.

  1. Choose trace for Procedures and TSQL queries:  
    Expand Stored Procedures event category and select: RPC: Starting and RPC: Completed
    Expand TSQL event Category and select: SQL: BatchStarting and SQL BatchCompleted.

8. After Selection, you will see like following:

9. If you filter out for any specific database then click on Show all Columns.
Go to Columns Filter –> Choose Database Name as show below:

10. Run the SQL trace for tracing the Errors

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