Query to find the dependent object on Table in MySQL or MariaDB

Find the dependence on Table in MYSQL / MariaDB

Check the Procedures and functions depending on the table:

SELECT a.routine_name,b.table_name,a.routine_schema,a.routine_type
FROM information_schema.ROUTINES  a
INNER JOIN (SELECT table_name , table_schema
            FROM information_schema.tables 
            ) b
    ON a.ROUTINE_DEFINITION LIKE concat('%',b.table_name,'%') 
	where  b.table_schema = 'dbname'  and b.table_name = 'tablename' ;

Check the views dependence on the table.

FROM information_schema.views 
WHERE Table_Schema='dbname' 
  AND Table_Name = 'tablename';

Check the foreign key constraints depend on the table.

FROM information_schema.table_constraints
WHERE Table_Schema ='dbname' AND Table_Name = 'tablename' and Constraint_Type = 'FOREIGN KEY';

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