Check Oracle is using SQL Plan baseline plan

Check SQL Plan baseline is used by Oracle SQL Queries

Check the queries using the SQL Plan baseline:

Select s.sql_text, b.plan_name, b.origin, b.accepted
From dba_sql_plan_baselines b, v$sql s
Where s.exact_matching_signature = b.signature
And s.SQL_PLAN_BASELINE = b.plan_name;

See the SQL queries Plan baseline execution plan

-- Check the SQL Handle
SELECT sql_handle, plan_name, enabled, accepted FROM dba_sql_plan_baselines WHERE sql_text LIKE '%emp%';

-- See the execution plan
SELECT * FROM TABLE( DBMS_XPLAN.DISPLAY_SQL_PLAN_BASELINE( sql_handle=>'SYS_SQL_209d10fabbedc741',format=>'basic'));

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