Create Window Virtual Machine in Azure Cloud

Create Virtual Machine in Azure Cloud Services

  1. Login in Azure cloud portal.
  2. In Search box, type virtual machine

3. Click on virtual Machine, you will see the Virtual Machine page.

5. Click on the Create button for creating the Virtual Machine in Azure Cloud platform. Choose the subscription name, Resource group if you have other wise create New resource group by click “CREATE NEW”. Name the Virtual machine and Select the Region.

6. Select the image type Windows or Linux or Centos etc. Select the infrastructure Size like Standard B1s. I choose very basic one you can choose according to your need. Set the Username and Password for login in the Virtual Machine.

Choose the Size by click see all sizes below the text box:

7. Select the disk according to your need.

8. Go to Networking tab and check the networking setting. I keep it default.

9. now go to Management tab, check the security.

10. Go to the Advance tab, You can pass your script or files to execute during setup of Operating system.

11. Go to tags, you can create tag so that it will be easy for categories the VMs like development, Testing VM etc. or department wise tag you can assigned HR, ACCOUNTS etc.

12. Review and Create the virtual machine finally. On this screen, you will get the hours based costing for your virtual machine.

13. After press Create button, Azure will take 5 min to deploy your Virtual Machine.

14. Deployment is complete, you virtual machine is ready to use.

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