Stop running job from DBMS JOB package

Stop running job for DBMS_JOB

  1. Find the session id of running job
select sid, job, instance from dba_jobs_running;

2. Find the sid and serial# for kill the running dbms job

SELECT p.spid,,
 s.sid, s.serial#, s.status, s.username,s.program
FROM v$process p, v$session s
WHERE s.paddr(+) = p.addr
AND s.sid=&session_id;

3. Mark the job to broken state, so that it will never restart on session kill


4. Kill the Session which is running

-- Kill from SQLPLUS
ALTER SYSTEM KILL SESSION 'sid,serial#' immediate;

--you can kill from OS process id got from second query
--In Windows: 
C:\> orakill <sid> <spid>
--In Linux:
 kill -9 spid

Remove the Broker State after your work done.


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