What is database response time in Oracle

Database Response time in Top 10 Foreground Events in AWR report

Basic definition of Database Response Time means Service Time plus Wait time.

Response Time = Service Time(execution time) + Wait Time

Service time is the time spent on CPU for Processing.

Wait Time is the time which the resources is waiting for other resource to be free before processed by the CPU. Wait Time is the sum of time spent on wait events

In the AWR example, we have CPU time 62.8 % and rest is waiting time 100-62.8 = 37.2 %. We need to reduce the waiting time of the Oracle Database, We found from above awr example, USER I/O wait class is the main which causing the waiting time like Direct Path read, db file scattered read, db file sequential read, log file sync.

We need to tune the event one by one for tuning our Oracle Database.

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