Managed commands for Oracle Enterprise Manager Management Service(OMS) in Cloud control

Stop/start OMS in cloud control

--Start/Stop oms in oem
emctl stop oms
emctl start oms

-- status of oms
emctl status oms

Stop/start agent in OME cloud control

-- stop/start agent in oem
cd $AGENT_HOME/bin
./emctl start agent
./emctl stop agent
-- status of agent
./emctl status agent

Get OMS repository details

--- OEM repository is a target DB, which contains all target details
cd $OMS_HOME/bin
./emctl config oms -list_repos_details

Get OMS /agent URL details

-- OMS URL details
cd $OMS_HOME/bin
./emctl status oms -details
-- agent url details
cd $AGENT_HOME/bin
./emctl status agent –details

Target list monitored by OEM

-- Run from oms server($OMS_HOME/bin)
-- List all the target
./emcli get_targets
-- List the target types present:
./emcli get_target_types
-- List targets of particular target_type(say oracle_database)
./emcli get_targets -targets="oracle_database"

Plugins installed on OMS server

--- List of plugins installed on OMS server.
./emcli list_plugins_on_server
-- List of plugins installed on the target agents.
./emcli list_plugins_on_agent
-- List plugins deployed on particular agent
./emcli list_plugins_on_agent -agent_names=""

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