Renaming or Relocating redo Logfiles in Oracle

You want to rename or relocate the location of logfile from ‘D:\oracle\redo01.log to ‘E:\oracle\redo01.log’ then do the following things:

  1. Login with SQLPLUS as sysdba
SQLPLUS / as sysdba

2. Shutdown the Oracle Database.

Shutdown immediate;

3. Move or rename the redo log file from one location to another.

move D:\oracle\redo01.log E:\oracle\redo01.log

4. Start and mount the Oracle database.

startup mount

5. Change the name of redolog file in the control file.

alter database rename file 'D:\oracle\redo01.log' to 'E:\oracle\redo01.log';

6. Open the database.

alter database open;

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