EXPDP Backup to multiple location in Oracle

EXPDP Backup to multiple location in Oracle

If you have a big table, you want to take backup with EXPDP but you don’t have sufficient space in a single mount point to keep the dump.
In this case, you can take expdp backup dump to multiple directory.

Example of EXPDP to multiple location

1. Create two directories for EXPDP backup:

SQL> create directory DIR1 as '/u01/DIR1';
Directory created.
SQL> create directory DIR2 as '/u02/DIR2';
Directory created.

2. Expdp backup command:

EXPDP directory=DIR1 dumpfile=DIR1:test_%U.dmp,DIR2:test_%U.dmp logfile=test.log parallel=2 tables=salesschema.orders

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