Check all the locked object in Oracle Database

Check all the locked object in Oracle Database

Check all the locked object with RAC Environment

COLUMN username FORMAT A20
COLUMN object_owner FORMAT A20
COLUMN object_name FORMAT A30
COLUMN locked_mode FORMAT A15
SELECT b.inst_id,
b.session_id AS sid,
NVL(b.oracle_username, '(oracle)') AS username,
a.owner AS object_owner,
Decode(b.locked_mode, 0, 'None',
1, 'Null (NULL)',
2, 'Row-S (SS)',
3, 'Row-X (SX)',
4, 'Share (S)',
5, 'S/Row-X (SSX)',
6, 'Exclusive (X)',
b.locked_mode) locked_mode,
FROM dba_objects a,
gv$locked_object b
WHERE a.object_id = b.object_id
ORDER BY 1, 2, 3, 4;

Check the locked object in Oracle

select c.owner,c.object_name,
gv$locked_object a ,
gv$session b,
dba_objects c
where b.sid = a.session_id
and a.object_id = c.object_id;

check the transaction status for locked object

SELECT a.sid, a.saddr, b.ses_addr, a.username, b.xidusn, b.used_urec, b.used_ublk
FROM v$session a, v$transaction b
WHERE a.saddr = b.ses_addr;

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