SPFILE parameter of Pluggable database in Oracle 12c

Find the SPFILE of PDBs in Oracle 12c database

I change the one of the modified parameter of PDBS in our CDB database but it does not reflect in SPFILE of ROOT Container. PDBs Container SPFILE parameters are saved in the data dictionary PDB_SPFILE$ table. Only CDB parameter are saved in Operating system SPFILE.

Following example to check the parameter changed in PDB database.

Change parameter at PDBs database
Note: Change parameter of PDBs database does not update on SPFILE of CDB.

Conn sys@pdb2 as sysdba
--Change the parameter at PDB2 level
SQL> Show parameter open_cursors

NAME         TYPE    VALUE
------------ ------- ----------
open_cursors integer 200

SQL> ALTER SYSTEM SET open_cursors=300 scope=both;

Check Parameter changed with pdb_spfile$ data dictionary view
For checking the Parameter changed in PDB2, we need to check the dictionary view by login from CDB$ROOT container.

conn / as sysdba
SQL> select b.name,pdb_uid, a.name, value$ from pdb_spfile$ a,v$pdbs b where b.name= 'PDB2' and a.pdb_uid=b.con_uid;

Name  PDB_UID     NAME         VALUE$
----- ----------- ------------ ------------
PDB2  3687486700  open_cursors 300

Note: PDB2 parameter not reflect changes in SPFILE of CDB$ROOT.

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