Move the Oracle Grid Home location in Oracle Environment

Steps to move the Oracle Grid Home location in Oracle Environment

1. Login with root user, Stop CRS services.

cd /u01/app/12.2.0/grid/bin
./crsctl stop crs
./crsctl stop cluster

2. Login with grid user, shutdown or kill all the services running from Oracle grid existing home.

ps -ef

kill -9

3. Login as Grid user, deattch the grid home with following command.

/u01/app/12.2.0/grid/oui/bin/runInstaller -silent -waitforcompletion\
-detachHome ORACLE_HOME='/u01/app/12.2.0/grid' -local

4. Login as Root user, Copy the old grid binaries to new location.

mkdir /u01/app/12c
cp -pR /u01/app/12.2.0/grid /u01/app/12c

5. Login as Root user, Unlock the destination folder:

cd /u01/app/12c/grid/crs/install -unlock -dstcrshome /u01/app/12c/grid

6. Root user, Relink and clone the new binaries oracle binaries.
Clone command asked for some parameters or you can pass directly

---Go to the path as old home and pass parameter as new home
cd rid_home/clone/bin
run the

--On Linux System
perl -silent ORACLE_BASE=/u01/app/oracle ORACLE_HOME=
/u01/app/12c/grid ORACLE_HOME_NAME=OraHome1Grid

-- On Window System:
perl ORACLE_BASE=D:\u01\app\grid ORACLE_HOME=D:\u01\app\grid\12c
ORACLE_HOME_NAME=OraHome1Grid ORACLE_HOME_USER=Oracle_home_user_name

7. From ROOT user, Run the following command after prompt by

run and

8. From ROOT user, start up from new home location.

cd /u01/app/12c/grid/crs/install
# -move -dstcrshome /u01/app/12c/grid

9. If you doing it on RAC Environment then do this on every node.

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