Make changes in PDB$SEED Read only database in Oracle 12c

Open PDB$SEED database in Read/Write mode in Oracle 12c

Suppose if you have to update in your PDB$SEED database something by opening it in READ WRITE Mode and do changes on it then close.
In my case my patch is failed then i have to rerun the datapatch verbose. For that i need to modify one entry in PDB$SEED database.

1. Connect with ROOT Container with SYSDBA privileges and move to PDB$SEED container.

SQLPLUS / as sysdba

2. Verify that you are in PDB$SEED

show con_name;

3. You need to set the hidden parameter

alter session set "_oracle_script" = true;

4. You need to close PDB$SEED and open in read write state.

alter pluggable database pdb$seed close;
alter pluggable database pdb$seed open read write;

5. Make changes as needed by you.


6. Then shutdown and open in tin READ ONLY state.

alter pluggable databsae pdb$seed close;
alter pluggable database pdb$seed OPEN READ ONLY;

7. Disable the Hidden parameter

alter session set "_oracle_script"=FALSE;

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