Migrate the EC2 instance from one availability zone or Region to another in AWS

Migrate the EC2 instance from one availability zone to another in AWS

Basic steps of migration Availability Zone:
1. You have EC2 instance, go to EBS volumes and create a snapshot of it.
2. Go to snapshot zone, and create an AMI from that.
3. Go to AMI tab, create a new EC2 instance in new availability zone.

Basic to Move Region:
1. AMI tab, Go to COPY AMI and choose the destination region. It will copy your AMI to that region, so that you create similar EC2 instance in that region.

Following are the Steps involved in Migrating the EC2 instance from one AZ to another:

1. Login in AWS console.

2. Go to Compute service –> EC2.

3. Create an EC2 instance.

4. Go to the EBS –> Volumes –> Check the Additional information and match instance id of EC2 machine with EBS volume.
So that EBS volume is used by EC2 instance which you want to migrate

EBS volumes

5. Select the EBS volume and go to action tab.

Create Snapshot

6. Press the create snapshot button and filled the description.

Create Snapshot 1

7. Press Create snapshot button will start creating snapshot of your current EC2 machine.

Snapshot is created

8. Start creating image from the snapshot, it shown in AMI tab. Click on Action and press create image.

Create image

9. You name the image and press create image button. Leave all thing rest as default.

Create image from snapshot

10. Image is created and checked at AMI tab of Compute –>EC2 service.

Image created

11. From this image, now you move the EC2 instance at any availability zone.
AMI –> Go to Action –> Launch

Launch AMI

12. Choose the instance type go to configuration and then in configuration window, you can define subnet in which availability zone you want to create the similar EC2 instance.

subnet choose AZ

13. In this way you can move your EC2 instance from one availability zone to another.

Region movement

You can move the AMI to any region, so that you can create similar environment in different region also.

Go to AMI tab –> ACTION –> COPY AMI

Copy AMI move your current AMI to any region as you choose.

Copy AMI

Select the Destination Region and copy

Destination Region

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