Create an EC2 instance in AWS

Example of creating an EC2 instance in AWS

1. Login with AWS console.

2. Go to Service tab and select the EC2 in Compute Service.

EC2 Service in Compute

3. Select the button Launch instance in EC2 instance service.

Launch Instance

4. You get the list of AMI(Amazon Machine Image) which Operating system you want to choose for your EC2 instance like linux, windows, Mac etc.
After choose AMI machine, go to next level.

Choose AMI

5. Step 2 need to choose the type of instance according to your requirement like CPU or memory needed as your requirement. I am choosing free tier for demo i.e t2.micro.
After choose Instance type, go to next level.

Instance type

6. Step 3 Configure the instance setting like VPC, Network setting, Shutdown behaviour, Enable termination protection etc.
After configure change in Instance configuration, go to next level.

Instance Details

Instance Details1

7. In this step 4, add storage, you got one drive for your Operating system install. If you need another drive then you need to ADD Volume as EBS storage as shown in image.
Note: Option DELETE ON TERMINATION is enabled then your drive is lost when you terminate the EC2 Instance.

Add Storage

8. Step 5 Add Tag: It is used for your reference this instance is used for development or production server. you can add type or name of instance like meta data information.


9. Step 6 Security Group. you should give the permission of accessing your EC2 instance by specifying the port number and IP address of Service which you want to open for the EC2 instance to access for outside world.

Security Group

10. Review and launch your instance.


11. When you press the launch button, then it pop a window which ask you to choose existing KEY PAIR or you create a new KEY PAIR for access the EC2 instance. It is public and private key concept. Public key is with AWS and Private key with us for access the EC2 instance.

Enter Key Pair Name and Download it.

Key pair

12. Then again Press Launch instance and it will take time around 10-15 minutes.
It will see you in Services –> Compute –> EC2 –> Left side tab INSTANCES.
You can see public IP address for connectivity in EC2 instance Dashboard.

Ec2 instance

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