Amazon EC2 and types in AWS

Amazon EC2 and types in AWS

Amazon EC2 is stand for Amazon Elastic compute Cloud. It is a web service that provides re-sizable compute capacity in the cloud.
EC2 provides the company to boot new system as required and down the system as quickly.
you need to pay according to your need as your compute requirement changes.

Different EC2 pricing model:

On Demand
Pay fixed rate by hours(or seconds). When you need the system you can up by paying hours charging.

It has like contract with Amazon for time period ( 1 year or more). You will get heavily discount on it.
Amazon provide you with a capacity reservation as you need.
Application is used for long term so its good to take instance in Reserved category.

Reserved Types:
Standard Reserved instances: It has up-to 75% discount on demand instance. In this pay up front and longer the time the more is discount. In standard, you cannot change (like T2 to T4 instances) after this.
Convertible Reserved instances: You can convert the instance like you can increase the RMAN, CPU etc. It has up-to 54% discount.
Scheduled Reserved instances: available in such specific timing like month ,weekly etc. You can have specific scheduled of need EC2 instances.

It is like share market, you have to bid whatever price you want for instance capacity, it provide great saving if you application has any flexible time to start and end.

Dedicated Hosts
It is used for regulatory requirement that may not support multi-tenant virtualization.
Physical EC2 server dedicated for your use.
Dedicated hosts can help you to reduced cost by allowing you to use your existing software licenses.

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