Snowball Service of AWS

Snowball Service of AWS

Snowball is a tera/peta bytes of data transport solution. Its used secure storage appliance for transport the large amount of data into and out of AWS physically. Transferring data with snowball is simple, fast, secure and cost effective.Its comes in either 50TB or 80TB. It use multiple layers of security to protect your data.

Snowball Edge device
Snowball Edge is 100 TB data transfer device with on-board storage and compute compabilities. It is used to move large amount of data into and out of AWS.
You can move large database and files server data with these storage device.

Snowball Edge is connect with your exiting infrastructure and application for streaming the data transfer process. It also act as local storage tier and process your data on premises, helping ensure your application continue to run even when they are not able to connect with cloud.

Snowball Mobile
AWS snowballmobile is an Exabyte scale data transfer service used to move extremely large amount of data to AWS. (100 PB of data).
It is like long truck, It is used to move data-center or very large amount of data. Transferring data is cost effective ,secure and fast.

Note: Snowball is import and export to S3.

Example of Snowball

1. Login with AWS Console.

2. Go to the Service –> Migration & Transfer.


3. Specify the job
A. Import into amazon S3
B. Export from Amazon S3
C. Local compute and storage only

Job need

4. It is like the jobs as online shopping as show on left side you have to specify the shipping address and give your job details and security type and review the device order.

5. Once you order the device you get start notification from SNS services in-which state your order is.

Job detail of Snowball

6. Download the Snowball Client software to access it on your system.
Go to your Snowball Dashboard and click on the job of snowball and get the client.

Get client

7. Now you got IP address after connected snowball devices to your network.

8. Same from Snowball job dashboard , get your credentials and unlock code to access the snowball device. you need to download the manifest file for credentials.

Get Credentials

9. Start the Service of Snowball

# ./snowball start -i -m manifestfile.bin -u unlockcode

10. You system have 1.txt file which you need to transfer to Snowball device which going in S3 bucket which you created for Snowball device in your AWS account.

--Transfer to snowball device
./snowball cp 1.txt s3://

11. Now snowball device is transit to AWS. So that AWS transfer to S3 bucket.

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