S3 Transfer Acceleration in AWS

S3 Transfer Acceleration in AWS

S3 Transfer Acceleration is used to accelerate the speed of uploading the data into S3 bucket. It utilized the Cloud front edge network to accelerate your uploads in S3 bucket.
In Generally when we upload in S3, it is directly upload but with transfer acceleration we got the distinct URL to upload directly to edge location which will then transfer file to S3 bucket.

We have user all around the worlds, user first upload the to edge location then it transfer to S3 bucket.

Tool from your browser
Tool which will test the speed how fast the transfer acceleration worked.
This speed checker uses multi-part uploads to transfer a file from your browser to various Amazon S3 regions with and without Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration.
It compares the speed results and shows the percentage difference for every region.



Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration Speed Comparison Tool for specific bucket

Replace region with your region (Example us-east-1)
Replcae BucketName with your bucketname (Example testtesttest23631)


Example URL:


Snapshot of S3 Transfer Acceleration:

Transfer acceleration

Enable or Suspend the S3 transfer acceleration

1. Login to AWS console and go to S3 service and click on S3 bucket.

2. Go to the property tab and drag down the button and check in Advance setting.


3. You can Enabled the S3 transfer acceleration from this property. You got the URL : bucket-name:s3-accelerate.amazonaws.com
Example bucket name is testtesttest2363

Enable Transfer acceleration

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