Connection management call elapsed wait in Oracle

Connection management call elapsed wait in Oracle

One of the DB server is facing performance issue, on checking the statspack report, it show the connection management call elapsed wait event.
Connection management wait is due to high connect/disconnect of application session with the database.

Statistic                                       Time (s) % DB time
----------------------------------- -------------------- ---------
connection management call elapsed              13,768.3      86.5
DB CPU                                          10,748.8      67.5
parse time elapsed                               1,240.3       7.8
hard parse elapsed time                          1,182.8       7.4
sql execute elapsed time                           560.1       3.5

High connects and disconnects session from the application. It may cause performance issues with connection management time elapsed wait.

1. Discussed with application team for recheck the connection setting, may they used connection caching for application.

2. You can enable connection pool feature introduced in 11g : Database Resident Connection Pooling (DRCP),
but with these you need to change the connection setting with POOLED keyword.
For configured and enabled please go to the link Database Resident Connection Pooling

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