ORA-31641: unable to create dump file Expdp error

ORA-31641: unable to create dump file Expdp error

During the EXPDP backup we are getting the following error on executing the command


C:\Users\oracle>expdp full=y directory=dbdump
Export: Release - Production on Tue Sep 24 12:15:50 2019
Copyright (c) 1982, 2019, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.
Username: sys@pdb2 as sysdba

Connected to: Oracle Database 18c Express Edition Release - Production
ORA-39001: invalid argument value
ORA-39000: bad dump file specification
ORA-31641: unable to create dump file "C:\test\expdat.dmp"
ORA-27038: created file already exists
OSD-04010: option specified, file already exists

Same name file is already present on the directory location.

We can solve this with two ways:
1. Use REUSE_DUMPFILES parameter in expdp command with “Y” value. default value is “N”(Not to replace old files already present in location)

Expdp usr1/usr1 directory=dbdump dumpfile=expdat.dmp full=y reuse_dumpfiles=y

2. You can rename the old file present manually with OS commands and start the job again.

mv expdat.dmp expdat.dmp_bkp

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