Add instance SID & Service into listener.ora file in Oracle

Add the SID & Service into listener.ora file in Oracle

Listener service automatically pick the service name for DB instance running but sometime we need to enter manually.
Make a service entry into listener services having two ways:
1. Manually
2. With NET Manager

1. For manually entry, you need to know the SID_NAME, GLOBAL_DBNAME and ORACLE_HOME entry.

2. Open the listener.ora file at location $ORACLE_HOME\network\admin.

3. Make entry in between SID_LIST_LISTENER for new SID as shown below:

--- New entry----
(ORACLE_HOME = C:\Oracle18c\dbhomeXE)

-----Example of Listener.ora file
(ORACLE_HOME = C:\Oracle18c\dbhomeXE)
(PROGRAM = extproc)
(ENVS = "EXTPROC_DLLS=ONLY:C:\Oracle18c\dbhomeXE\bin\oraclr18.dll")

(ORACLE_HOME = C:\Oracle18c\dbhomeXE)


4. Reload the listener by lsnrctl utility.

lsrnctl reload

5. Verified the services.

lsrnctl services

1. Open NETMANAGER at Database Server
2. On left side, Expand local(+) –> Expand listener(+)

3. Click on listener and you will see this windows.


4. Go to right side of windows and select database services.

OracleNetManager Database Service.PNG

5. Add new database services in listener in window show above.

Enter Global DBNAME
Enter Oracle Home location
Enter SID

6. Reload the listener from command shell.

lsnrctl reload

7. Verify by checking the new services.

lsnrctl services

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