Restore the OCR on Windows system in Oracle RAC

Backup and Restore the OCR on Windows system in Oracle RAC

Restoring the Oracle Cluster Registry on Windows Systems
If OCR is failed then first check with OCRCHECK command before start restoring the OCR disk

Note: If OCR location does not exists like diskgroup then recreate that location with same name or recover diskgroup then start restore operation with OCR -restore.

Backup the OCR
C:\grid> ocrconfig -manualbackup

Following are the steps to restore the OCR
Update OCR manually on each node with restore or replace command.

1. Check all the nodes running in cluster.


2. Stop the Oracle Clusterware on all of the nodes:

crsctl stop crs
-- stop force fully
crsctl stop crs -f

3. List the available backup of OCR.

ocrconfig -showbackup

4. Start the Oracle Clusterware on one of the node in exclusive mode.

crsctl start crs -excl -nocrs

5. Restore OCR with an OCR backup at ASM Diskgroup.

ocrconfig -restore file_name

Note: OCR location does not exist, then you must create an empty OCR location

6. Verify the OCR Integrity


7. Stop Clusterware in exclusive node.

crsctl stop crs -f

8. Start Oracle Clusterware on all of the nodes.

crsctl start crs

9. Verify OCR integrity of all of the cluster nodes that are configured by Cluvfy command.

cluvfy comp ocr -n all -verbose

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