Change Static IPV4 to IPV6 address in RAC Environment

Change Static IPV4 to IPV6 address in RAC Environment

First you need to add IPV6 address and modify the network to use both IPV4 and IPV6 , then switch to IPV6 address completely.

Following are the steps to change static IPv4 to IPv6 address

1. Add an IPV6 subnet address with root user.

srvctl modify network –subnet ipv6_subnet/prefix_length

2. Add an IPv6 VIP using the following command as root

srvctl modify vip -node node_name -netnum network_number -address vip_name/netmask

3. Update OCR with IPV6 network resource

oifcfg setif -global if_name/subnet:public

4. Add IPv6 addresses to the SCAN VIPs as root user for the entire network:

srvctl modify scan -scanname scan_name

5. Convert the network IP type from IPv4 to both IPv4 and IPv6

srvctl modify network -netnum network_number -iptype both

6. Change all clients served by the cluster from IPv4 networks and addresses to IPv6 networks and addresses.

7. Convert the network from using both protocols to using only IPv6

srvctl modify network -iptype ipv6

8. Modify the VIP using a VIP name that resolves to IPv6 at every node in RAC.

srvctl modify vip -node node_name -address vip_name -netnum network_number

9. Modify the SCAN using a SCAN name that resolves to IPv6.

srvctl modify scan -scanname scan_name

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