Change the VIP address in Oracle RAC Environment

Change the VIP address in Oracle RAC Environment

1. Stop all the services running on the Node

srvctl stop service -db database_name -service "service_name_list" -node node_name
srvctl stop service -db grid -service "sales,oltp" -node NODE1

2. Check the VIP address

srvctl config vip -vipname node03-vip
VIP exists: /node03-vip/

3. Stop the VIP resource using the srvctl stop vip command:

srvctl stop vip -node node_name

4. Verify at Operating system level VIP is not running

-- Unix or Linux
ifconfig -a
ipconfig /all

5. Make changes to host files

-- unix or Linux
-- Windows

6. If you also change subnet or network interface card for the default network then only use command:

srvctl modify network -subnet subnet/netmask/interface

7. Modify the node applications and provide the new VIP address

srvctl modify nodeapps -node node_name -address new_vip_address
srvctl modify nodeapps -node mynode -address

8. Start the node VIP

srvctl start vip -node node_name
srvctl start vip -node mynode

9. Repeat the steps for each node in the cluster.

10. Run Cluvfy command to verify the connectivity of nodes

cluvfy comp nodecon -n all -verbose

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