Datapump expdp impdp new feature Oracle 12c

Datapump expdp impdp new feature Oracle 12c

Datapump is used to take logical backup of the database.Datapump is Server based job, it created output on Server pointing to the Directory object of Oracle.
Oracle 12c added new feature in datapump. Here are some the list of new features present in 12c.

Following are the new feature list added in Oracle 12c

1. Nologging option during the IMPDP job
When we run the IMPDP job it will will fire the insert query in the database for import the data into tables then it will generate logging for recover purpose.
You can stop this logging at table level also but in new feature you can use the below parameters
for stop the logging generated during IMPDP commands.

2. LOGTIME parameter
Logtime is used for including timestamps in the output messages
NONE : Default value
STATUS : timestamp included in output console but not in log file.
LOGFILE : timestamp is included in the output of log file but not in console.
ALL : timestamp included at both log file and console

3. Export view as table
VIEWS_AS_TABLE parameter is used to export the view as table. Table structure matches as view columns and select query returned rows used as data.

4. Table Compression at import
TABLE_COMPRESSION_CLAUSE parameter allow the table to alter its compression characteristics during import job.

TABLE_COMPRESSION_CLAUSE has following options:
NONE: Tables having which compression characteristics is chosen
NOCOMPRESS: Disable the table compression.
COMPRESS: Enable the basic compression.
ROW STORE COMPRESS ADVANCED: Enable advanced compression with OLTP compression.
COLUMN STORE COMPRESS FOR QUERY: used in exadata (hybrid columnar compression)
COLUMN STORE COMPRESS FOR ARCHIVE: used in exadata (hybrid columnar compression)

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