wmiprvse.exe started again during Oracle Patching

wmiprvse.exe started again & again during Oracle Patching

During apply the Oracle patching on window Server, I am getting the following process error wmiprvse.exe while killing from TASKKILL process it started again and again in fraction of time.

I am not able to apply patch it will started with in second after every kill with taskkill command. I tried to stop the Window Management Service from Services.msc window but it’s not able to stop and giving following error:


Following are the steps I taken to applied the oracle patching.

1. I tried with taskkill to kill the wmiprvse.exe from services.msc window but in my case it not worked the process start again & again.

taskkill /f /IM wmiprvse.exe

2. Tried to stop the service of Window Management Instrumental in Services.msc but its not worked give me following error.


3. Following are the steps i followed to apply patch if first two step not worked in my case.

A. Paused the Window Management Instrumental Service in services.msc


B. On separate command prompt window, run the TASKKILL command for killing the wmiprvse.exe process its hanged until Window Management Instrumental Service is stopped in services.msc

taskkill /f /IM wmiprvse.exe

C. Then i start apply the oracle patching process. It hanged after sometime on following screen shot. I highlighted the hanged row as shown below:



D. To resume oracle patching, I need to RESUME the Window Management Instrumental Service for one second then pause by right click.


E. After PAUSE the WMI service, you will find that Oracle patching is going to start applying patch during patching keep PAUSE the Window Management Instrumental Service.

F. Command prompt which having taskkill command is executed during resume the window management service and kill the new process.

G. After patch successfully applied, RESUME the Window Management Instrumental Service.

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