Update Multiple PDBs in a Single DML Statement

Update Multiple PDBs in a Single DML Statement of Application container

With DML Query you can also update the multiple PDBs if having same tables and columns or same database.

Set the country_name column to the value USA in the sh.sales table.
This table exists in two separate PDBs, with container IDs of 7 and 8.
Both PDBs are in the application container named sales_ac. You can connect to the application root as an administrator, and make the update as follows:

CONNECT sales_admin@sales_ac
Password: *******
SET sal.country_name = 'USA'
WHERE sal.CON_ID IN (7,8);

Update the column value city_name to DELHI of a table customers present in sales schema of two PDB having con id 7 and 8 in One DML statements.

UPDATE CONTAINERS(sales.customers) ctab
SET ctab.city_name='DELHI'

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