Pluggable Database Saved State in Oracle

Pluggable Database Saved State in Oracle

Saved State is a feature in for saved the OPEN state of all PDBS when CDB is restart.
It will bring PDBs to same state if it open then it bring the PDB in Open State or if PDB is closed when CDB restart then it bring PDB in closed state.
open the database in READ-WRITE/READ-ONLY mode it save state.

Check the Save State for PDBS

select,b.state from v$pdbs a , dba_pdb_saved_states b where a.con_id = b.con_id;

SELECT con_name, instance_name, state FROM cdb_pdb_saved_states;

Note: When you unplug and plug in the database, this saved state will be lost.

Save the existing State of PDB

alter pluggable database PDB1 save state;
Pluggable database altered.

Discard or unsave the existing state of PDB

alter pluggable database HYDB discard state;
Pluggable database altered.

Show the pdbs

Show pdbs


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