Random Redaction Policies in Oracle Redaction

Random Redaction Policies in Oracle Redaction

Random redaction provide the random data to the application each time when data is selected.


object_schema IN VARCHAR2 := NULL,
object_name IN VARCHAR2,
column_name IN VARCHAR2 := NULL,
policy_name IN VARCHAR2,
function_type IN BINARY_INTEGER := NULL,
expression IN VARCHAR2,
enable IN BOOLEAN := TRUE);

Note: For defining the random redaction policies, use function type as RANDOM
function_type => DBMS_REDACT.RANDOM


object_schema => 'HR',
object_name => 'login_history',
column_name => 'emp_username',
policy_name => 'redact_emp_rand_username',
function_type => DBMS_REDACT.RANDOM,
expression => 'SYS_CONTEXT(''USERENV'',''SESSION_USER'') = ''APP_USER''');

SELECT emp_username FROM HR.login_history;

Note: Random value pick any random value for show if policy is enabled, It pick according to the datatypes of the column in which policy is placed.


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