Storage Engine in MySQL

Storage Engine in MySQL

A Storage Engine is the way to manages the table data and how it stored in the system. MySQL used different storage engine to manage the tables. MYSQL is plug gable Storage engine is select the storage engine which you need and which fulfill you requirement. MySQL Support multiple Storage engine which manages Transactional table or non Transactional table.

Following are the Storage engine support by MySQL:

INNODB Storage Engine
Default storage Engine from 5.5 or later
High reliable and high performance storage engine
Transactional Storage Engine
Support ACID Property
Handle large number of update delete operation
Support for relational constraints

MYISAM Storage Engine
Default Storage Engine before 5.5 version
Non Transactional Storage Engine
Table level locking, its good for data warehousing
Not support ACID property
No Support for relational constraints

Merge Storage Engine
Good for data warehousing
Logical group a series of table into a single object.
Data mining technique used on Data warehouse for fetch data.

MEMORY or HEAP Storage Engine
Non persistent
Store all in RAM

FEDERATED Storage Engine
Distribute database environment.
Can link separate MySQL Servers to Create one logical database from many physical servers.

Archive Storage Engine
Stores and retrieve large amount of history data or archive information.

CSV Storage Engine
Stored data in files, Uses comma-separated values formats, Good for exchanging data with other environment in CSV format.

BLACKHOLE Storage Engine
Enter data but not able to retrieve it back. Used to distribute replicate data but not store locally.

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