Oracle home consume large space due to Patch Storage folder

Patch Storage Folder is having large size due to Oracle Patching

The Size of Oracle Home is increasing day by day. On checking the size of subfolder we found that patch_storage folder is consuming large amount of space.

Following is the location of Patch Storage folder:


First Option:(opatch util cleanup)
opatch util cleanup to reclaim space from $ORACLE_HOME/.patch_storage
Opatch util has the option for cleaning the patch storage folder. You can check with following commands:

opatch util -help

Clean the patch storage folder with following command:

opatch util cleanup

Note: After this command you can rollback patch, it does not affect.

Note: Command delete few unnecessary files but it does not help to release a lot of space. It only release space in KB’s.

Second option:(Manually Process)
$ORACLE_HOME/.patch_storage is having all the directories of previous version present. Cleaning can be done manually as follows:

1. Run command:

$ opatch lsinventory

2. Get the list of opatch number which present on inventory.

3. Remove the extra directories present in $ORACLE_HOME/.patch_storage that are not present in the list of installed patches in step 1.

Directory names would be prefaced with the patchid for example:


Note: Delete the old patches which is not present in opatch lsinventory manually by Operating system commands

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