How to create Service Request in Oracle Support

Create a Service Request in Oracle Support

In many cases we need to open service request with oracle support. We need to download oracle patches and bug fixes then we need to create Oracle support ticket. Oracle support team provide solution to us regarding problems like ORA-7445 error in alert log, any patch download etc.

Following are the steps involved in creating service request in Oracle:

1. Open the Internet explorer and go to the following url:

2. It will open the welcome page of the Site and click on sign button at right side.


3. It will redirect to new page for Username and Password.
Please enter your username and password.


4. Home page for Oracle Support Site is open having different tabs on it. Select the Service request tab on it.


5. Service Request page will show you the list of all open SR.
For create new service request, click on Create SR button.


6. Then new page will open as below:
Problem Summary: Write the problem Summary
Problem Description: Write about the detail of problem or error you faced
In Sofware Tab:
Product: Select the database enterprise or standard.
Product version: Oracle database version for which you faced problem
Database Platform: choose operating system version.
Problem Type: Choose the problem type like patching, ORA error


7. After filling click next, go to Solution tab. Select option if you got any document otherwise press continue and next is enabled at right top and click next.


8. Go to More Detail tab, In this if you have log files and error snapshot. Please attached it and go to next button.


9. Choose the severity of ticket and give your contact details.


10. Press Next to complete the process and it will show your ticket in Service Request Tab:


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