Oracle support issue with 4k disk

Oracle having support issue with 4k Disk

ORA-27047: unable to read the header block of file
OSD-04006: ReadFile() failure, unable to read from file
O/S-Error: (O’S 87) The parameter is incorrect.

While running DBCA for creating new database, I got the following error while creating control file. I also tried manually to create control file from SQLPLUS but same error occurred.


ORA-01503: Create controlfile failed
ORA-01565: error in identifying file 'E:\oradata\sysaux01.dbf'
ORA-17503: ksfdopn:2 Failed to open file 'E:\oradata\sysaux01.dbf'
ORA-27047: unable to read the header block of file

According to document id (2097255.1), Oracle not support the 4096 (4k) Sector disk. It may be used in the future 12.2, this is not supported by prior version of database.Before 4k Sector disk , 512 bytes sector disk is available in market.

Note: 4k sector disk is supported by windows 2012 but oracle may support in future released.

4k sector disk have two mode:
Native mode: all physical and logical blocks exactly same i.e 4096 bytes
Emulation mode: physical is 4k but logical you can break as 512 bytes

By default redo log size is 512 bytes, From 11.2 version mentioned blocksize parameter to change it as shown below

alter database add logfile group 3 size 250M blocksize 4096;

You can overcome it by using ASM by using sector_size,compatibile.asm and compatible.rdbms attribute during create diskgroup

Compatible.asm = '11.2' or higer
Compatible.rdbms = '11.2' or higher


create diskgroup data external redundancy
failgroup ctrl1 disk '/u02/disk1' ,'/u02/disk2'
attribute 'compatibile.asm'='11.2' , 'compatible.rdbms'='11.2','sector_size'='4096';

Even take care while creating database with mentioned blocksize as 4096 in redolog

create database ic noresetlogs notarchivelog
group 1 '/u03/oracle/redo01.log' size 250M blocksize 4096
group 2 '/u03/oracle/redo03.log' size 250M blocksize 4096

Check 4k sector disk on windows platform with following command:

Following disk

fsutil fsinfo ntfsinfo E: NTFS Volume Serial Number : 0x6c748c40748c0ed0
NTFS Version : 3.1
LFS Version : 2.0
Number Sectors : 0x00000000ae4befff
Total Clusters : 0x0000000015c97dff
Free Clusters : 0x000000000fd6adef
Total Reserved : 0x0000000000000180
Bytes Per Sector : 512
Bytes Per Physical Sector : 512
Bytes Per Cluster : 4096
Bytes Per FileRecord Segment : 1024
Clusters Per FileRecord Segment : 0

Check on linux 4k sector disk

Check physical size:
cat /sys/block/sbd/queue/physical_block_size
Check logical size:
cat /sys/block/sdb/queue/logical_block_size

Note: physcial and logical block size help in differenet between Native and Emulation Mode hard disk.

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