Prerequest for source table in golden gate

On Source Machine
make sure all the tables to replicate have key constraint

select t.table_name from dba_tables t where t.owner=’HR’ and
t.table_name in
select c.table_name from dba_constraint
s c where c.owner=’HR’ and
c.constraint_type in (‘P’,’U’)

Logging option must be enabled:

select table_name from dba_tables where owner=’HR’ and logging=’NO’
table_name in

On target Machine:

disable cascade-delete constraints

select ‘alter table ‘||owner||’.’||table_name|| ‘ disable constraint ‘||constraint_name||’;’ from all_constraints where delete_rule = ‘CASCADE’ and owner = ‘HR’;

disable triggers:

select ‘alter trigger ‘||owner||’.’||trigger_name||’ disable ;’ from all_triggers where owner = ‘HR’;


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