Prerequest for source table in Golden Gate

Pre-request for source table in golden gate

PREREQUEST for Golden Gate:
1. Check all table has constraint & logging is enabled at source
2. Check that all triggers and constraints are disable at destination

On Source Machine
1. Make sure all the tables to replicate have key constraint.

select t.table_name from dba_tables t where t.owner='HR' and
t.table_name in
select c.table_name from dba_constraint
s c where c.owner='HR' and
c.constraint_type in ('P','U');

2. Logging option must be enabled.

select table_name from dba_tables where owner='HR' and logging='NO'

On target Machine:

1. Disable cascade-delete constraints.

select 'alter table '||owner||'.'||table_name|| ' disable constraint '||constraint_name||';' from all_constraints where delete_rule = 'CASCADE' and owner = 'HR';

2. Disable triggers.

select 'alter trigger '||owner||'.'||trigger_name||' disable ;' from all_triggers where owner = 'HR';


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