Create index with parallel or nologging option

Creation of index with nologging or parallel option

During creation of index with nologging and parallel option, you will increase the speed of creating index process.
Because Nologging will not generate the redo logs for archive and parallel parameter use the multiple process to create the Index, which will increase the speed.
Note: Parallel option available in Enterprise edition.

Disable the log generation during creation of index:

create index inv_idx1 on inv(inv_id, inv_id2)
nologging tablespace inv_mgmt_index;

Increase the degree of parallelism for creating index on large table

create index inv_idx1 on inv(inv_id)
parallel 4 tablespace inv_mgmt_data;

Verify the index degree

select index_name,logging, degree from user_indexes;

Rebuild index with parallel and no logging mode:

alter index inv_idx1 rebuild parallel 4 nologging;

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