Install RAC on one node

Install RAC on one node Linux

1. Preinstallation Steps:

Create the directory of the database:

/u01/app/oracle - Local volume on both nodes ($ORACLE_BASE)
/u01/app/oracle/product/ Local volume on both nodes ($ORACLE_HOME for the database)
/u01/app/ - Local volume on both nodes ($ORACLE_HOME for the cluster and ASM)

2. OS owner of the Oracle installation and the Grid installation should be the same:

Grid Installation: oracle (gid: oinstall, groups: dba)
Oracle Database: oracle (gid:oinstall, groups:dba)

3. Edit the /etc/hosts file for both the Nodes present:

Node 1 Public IP
Node 1 VIP IP
Node 1 Private IP

Node 2 Public IP
Node 2 VIP IP
Node 2 Private IP
Cluster SCAN Public IP

4. Cluster Verification Utility Issue in Checking Network Parameters

cluvfy stage -pre crsinst

5. Configure ssh authentication between two nodes with Oracle User

ssh-keygen -t rsa
cd .ssh
cat >authorized_keys

scp oracle@dap-aca1-ora01:/home/oracle

6. Ensure that the network tuning parameters are set in accordance with the following to ensure optimal
interconnect performance:

tcp_recvspace = 65536
tcp_sendspace = 65536
udp_sendspace = 65536 (64k is max value)
udp_recvspace = 655360 (Minimum recommended value is 10x udp_sendspace, parameter
value must be less than sb_max)
rfc1323 = 1
sb_max = 4194304
ipqmaxlen = 512

NOTE: Failure to set the udp_sendspace will result in failure of for GI installations, see Document 1280234.1.

/usr/sbin/no -p -o tcp_recvspace=65536 -o tcp_sendspace=65536
/usr/sbin/no -p -o udp_sendspace=65536 -o udp_recvspace=655360
/usr/sbin/no -p -o rfc1323=1
/usr/sbin/no -p -o sb_max=4194304
/usr/sbin/no -r -o ipqmaxlen=512

Setting ipqmaxlen to 512 in nextboot file
Warning: changes will take effect only at next reboot

6. Configure raw devices for ASM.

7. Installation of Grid Structure:


for check the prerequest then run

./runInstaller for grid

Choose: Installation of GRID for RAC
choose: Advanced installation
choose: Language e.g English
choose: Put scan name,port,cluster name Note: Scan address should be in both /etc/hosts
choose: Add 2nd node information
choose: public and private network setting
choose: Oracle ASM setting
choose: create disk for asm installation
choose: finish the installation

./runInstaller for Database software : (install only database software on both node)

./asmca : create disk for installation of Oracle database

./dbca : choose only one RAC node is installed


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