OER 7451 in Load Indicator

OER 7451 in Load Indicator

During Installation of Oracle Database on Microsoft Windows operating system. May you will get an error

OER 7451 in Load Indicator

It having reason that you download the 32-bit Oracle software ( i.e x86 ) tried to install on the Microsoft Windows 64-bit Operating System. The Oracle Software is not supported on 64- bit Platform (i.e x64)


Installed 32-bit Oracle database software on a 64-bit MS Windows OS which is not supported.

Solution: You need to download the 64 bit Software from Oracle Website and Tried to reinstall it. It will Solve you problem.

You can also check by right click on setup icon of Oracle Database Software and change its compatibility according to you Microsoft windows and try again ti install . May it will solve you problem.

Note: For the Database software, you can ONLY install the x64 version on MS Windows (x64). You can NOT install the 32-bit version Database software on MS Windows (x64).

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