Check the Transaction Status in Oracle

Check the Transaction Status in Oracle

Find out all the transaction currently going in the Oracle.

Select * from v$transaction;

Find out all the detail of transaction by session:

Select s.sid,s.username, t.start_time, t.used_ublk, t.used_urec
from v$transaction t, v$session s
where t.ses_addr=s.saddr;

Find out the transactions, username, SQL executing in Oracle

Select s.sid,s.username, t.start_time, t.used_ublk, t.used_urec,sql.sql_text
from v$transaction t, v$session s, v$sql sql
where t.ses_addr=s.saddr
and s.sql_address=sql.address
and s.sql_hash_value=sql.hash_value;

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