Used Filename dynamically in dataflow tab of SSIS Package

Used Filename dynamically as variable in dataflow tab of SSIS Package

1. Step to create the DATAFLOW SSIS package in simple way.
2. Create one variable, check the properties of variable and go to expression property:

EvaluteasExpression property = True.

Then add the following expression

"E:\\codgen\\"+substring( (DT_WSTR,50)getdate(),1,4) + substring((DT_WSTR,50)getdate(),6,2)+substring((DT_WSTR,50)getdate(),9,2) +"CTRLSTBOOZE.csv"

Note: 1. E:\codgen\ is the location of folder
2. Getdate() will pickup the system date of SSIS server ( means today date)
3. Right click on below tab of connection manager from where you get file of particular name:
Go to Expression
----> connection string : @user:variable ( Drag the user variable)
4. Go to control flow, go to the properties of dataflow which you used in SSIS Package:
Delayvalidation = True. ( do it)

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