Introduction of Oracle Golden Gate

Introduction of Oracle Golden Gate

Oracle database versions are supported for Oracle 11g Goldengate:
1. Oracle 9iR2 (9.2)
2. Oracle 10gR1/R2 (10.1/10.2)
3. Oracle 11gR1/R2 (11.1/11.2)

Note: Oracle Golden gate 11g, both DML and DDL replication are supported for the above Oracle releases.

Memory Requirement:
Between 25 and 55 Mb of RAM memory is required for each GoldenGate Replicat and Extract process

Disk space Requirement:
50–150 MB of disk space for the Oracle GoldenGate software binaries.
40 MB of disk space per instance of Goldengate for working directories and files per server
at least 10 MB per trail file .we recommend that you start with at least 1 GB of disk space allocated per system for trail files.
Use for temp file space is around 10 GB of disk space.

Estimate the trial disk space:
[log volume in one hour] x [number of hours downtime] x 0.4 = trail disk space.

select trunc(COMPLETION_TIME),count(*)*100 size_in_MB
from v$archived_log
group by trunc(COMPLETION_TIME);
--------- ----------
15-MAY-11 500

By default, manager uses port 7840

Operating System Requirements

Linux or UNIX:
Grant read and write privileges for the operating system (OS) account
Place the Oracle Golden gate software on a shared disk in a clustered environment
Install from an operating and database system account that has read/write access to Oracle database software, as well as to the Oracle online redo log files.

Requirements for Microsoft Windows Clustered Environments:
1. As administrator privileged account, log on to one of the cluster nodes.
2. Select a drive that has resource membership within the same Microsoft
Windows Cluster group.
3. Make sure that the disk group has cluster node ownership.
4. Place the Oracle Goldengate software on a shared drive accessible by all nodes in the cluster.

Oracle GoldenGate Director
Oracle GoldenGate Director is an optional software module that provides an end-to-end management and administration console for Oracle GoldenGate environments. Director uses a rich graphical interface similar to that found in network monitoring tools such as Tivoli and HP OpenView as well as Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM). Director allows you to start and stop GoldenGate processes and to execute custom scripts as well. The installation procedure is quite a bit different for this product in contrast to that used for the base Oracle GoldenGate transaction software

Oracle GoldenGate Veridata
Golden Gate Veridata performs data synchronization functionality that allows you to ensure that all of the source and target Golden gate environments are in sync in terms of data replicated between source and target. Veridata uses the concept of a compare pare set of algorithms to measure synchronization changes between source and target Golden gate environments.


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