Compatibility version chart used for downgrade the EXPDP & EXP backup

Data Pump OR Export Compatibility Version chart used for downgrade the EXPDP / EXP backup
EXPDP / EXP is used for logical database backup, it will used to export and import the database backup on different server or refresh them. It is very powerful utility in Oracle.

Version clause in EXP / EXPDP is used for taking backup for downgrade version. For upgrade version EXP/EXPDP donot need any parameter
it automatically import the data without any clause but for downgrade we need to mention version clause with its value.

For Example If I have ORCL database in 11.2 version and I want to import the data of SCOTT schema in 10.2 version.
Then i need to take EXP backup with version Parameter mention value to 10.2 for downgrade the backup.

-- From 11g database
exp scott/password full=y file=E:\dump.dmp log=E:\dump.log version=10.2

COMPATIBLE     9.2.0.x.0    10.1.0.x.0    10.2.0.x.0    11.1.0.x.0    11.2.0.x.0
---------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- -------------
10.1.0.x.0   VERSION=9.2             -             -             -             - 
---------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- -------------
10.2.0.x.0   VERSION=9.2  VERSION=10.1             -             -             -
---------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- -------------
11.1.0.x.0   VERSION=9.2  VERSION=10.1  VERSION=10.2             -             -
---------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- -------------
11.2.0.x.0   VERSION=9.2  VERSION=10.1  VERSION=10.2  VERSION=11.1             -
---------- ------------- ------------- ------------- ------------- -------------

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