Restore table to another location from large size of database in oracle

Restore dropped or delete record table to another location from large size database in oracle

For this restore operation you need to have the full backup of the database before the table deleted or dropped.
If many application is working on same database then you need to restore one table of one application then you donot need to restore completed database.
You can restore system tablespace plus the tablespace that application is using to save time. IF database is in terabytes then it will take time and need more space to restore complete database. then fetch the table from it.

To reduce restore time you need to follow following general steps:

Step 1. Find the table data in which tablespace it belong.

Step 2. Create new database on another server.

Step 3. Restored the tablespace  system,undo ,sysaux  and with tablespace which having data.

Restore tablespace system,undo,sysaux , app_data_tx;

Step 4. Recover the database with skip option of other tablespace which is present in the database.

Recover database skip …….(all other tablespace which not needed)

Step 5. Startup the database

Step 6. alter database open resetlog.



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