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Startup and shutdown the Oracle ASM instance

Startup and shutdown the Oracle ASM instance

Startup the Oracle ASM instance

1. Set the default Oracle_home environment variable to grid home where ASM is installed.

EXPORT ORACLE_HOME=/up1/grid/12.2.0/dbhome_1

2. Connect with sqlplus.

SQLPLUS / as sysasm

3. Start up the Oracle ASM Instance.

ASM instance started
Total System Global Area 71303168 bytes
Fixed Size 1069292 bytes
Variable Size 45068052 bytes
ASM Cache 25165824 bytes
ASM disk groups mounted

Stages in Startup:
STARTUP NOMOUNT means Starts up the Oracle ASM instance without mounting any disk groups.
STARTUP MOUNT or OPEN means Mounts the disk groups specified in the ASM_DISKGROUPS initialization parameter.
RESTRICT means only user can access have CONNECT SESSION or RESTRICTED SESSION privileges.
FORCE means restart the Oracle ASM instance.

4. Check the spfile location or otherwise set it with.

-- Get the path
ASMCMD> spget
-- Set the SP file path
ASMCMD> spset +DATA/asm/asmparameterfile/asmspfile.ora

Shutdown the Oracle ASM Instance

sqlplus / as sysasm

Stages of Shutdown:
Normal means Oracle wait for both any in-progress of SQL to complete and for all connected user to disconnect from instance.
Immediate means Oracle wait for any in-progress of SQL to complete but not for all connected user to disconnect from instance.
Abort means immediately shuts down without the orderly dismount of disk groups. This causes recovery to on next startup.

Refer from

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