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Deinstall Oracle Database & Client Binaries

Deinstall Oracle Binaries for database and Client with Deinstall Utility

De install Utility is available for download from oracle web site for delete the binaries from windows as well as UNIX system. I am using windows system to show the demo to uninstall the client 32 bit as below. You also have deinstall folder in Oracle binaries software where installed you can also do deinstall from it.

1. Download the 32 bit Oracle deinstall utility for software.


Note: Choose according to your version installed.1.png

2. We are using Home location as following.


3. Go to the path of deinstall utility and run the deinstall.bat

Eg  D:\softwareoracle\deinstall\deinstall

deinstall.bat –home C:\oracle21\oracle\dhome_32

2.png4. It will ask for y-yes or N- No. Please check all the path before going to yes


55. It will finished with following snapshot


6. If you Oracle32 bit is present in C: drive then you can remove it manually.