Difference in Storage Accounts in Microsoft Azure service

Microsoft Azure provide different type of Storage account for different purposes of used in production environment or real life environment. I will tried to explain the storage account service in form of following table:

NamePerformanceAccess tiersServiceReplicationDeployment
General Purpose V1Standard, PremiumBlob, FIle, Queue, Table, DiskLRS, GRS, RA-GRSResource Manager Classic
General Purpose V2Standard, Premium HOT, COOL,
Blob, File, Queue, Table,
Disk,Data LakeGen 2
LRS, GRS, RA-GRS, ZRS, GZRS, RA-GZRSResource Manager
Block Blob StoragePremiumBlobLRS, ZRSResource Manager
File StoragePremiumFileLRS, ZRSResource Manager
Blob StorageStandardHOT, COOL, ARCHIVEBlobLRS, GRS, RA-GRSResource Manager
Storage Accounts in Azure

Access Tiers:

HOT: Data access frequently, high storage cost but lowest access cost.
COLD: Data access infrequently but need to store for atleast 30 days. Lower storage cost but higher access cost.
Archive: data access very infrequently but store atleast for 180 days. Lower storage cost but higher access cost.

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