Steps for Installation of Oracle 19c database version on Windows

  1. Download the Oracle 19c version from Oracle website.
  2. Unzip the software at location.
  3. Double click on the SETUP icon at Software location.
Oracle 19c Software location

4. Oracle 19c Database window start appears.

5. Installation window appears, it asked for only software installation with database or only software. I choose first option which will create database with installation.

Oracle Database 19c Installer

6. Choose the System Class : Desktop class for home use or Server Class for production or test server.

System Class

7. Choose the Oracle Home User which need your Window use if you want to install from specific window user or create new windows user. I used last option for built-in Account from which i login it will use.

8. After using, Use window built in account, it will give you message to use user which only used for Oracle software.

9. It will ask for Oracle base location and oradata location, It will choose software location as same which we run the setup for installation.. You can choose edition as you need. I am not using container database as installation, so i uncheck the container database. Give Database name of your choose and password.

Choose database Name and Password

10. If your password as not as per standard, then you got the following warning message. I press YES

11. Prerequisite checks begin in next screen.

12. Summary will show you all the details of installation like Oracle Home, Oracle base , Inventory , Data file location etc.

Summary of Installation

13. Finally installation Begins.

14. Installation Progress…..

15. Installation Completed.

Finish Installation Oracle 19c

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